TS biofilter plants will be build at one stage or several process levels after need. Biotrickelbedreactor, chemical launderer and active carbon working in front of or after the biological cleaning. Important process levels by the biofilter plant are:

  • compression
  • dust cleaning
  • heating or cooling
  • humidification
  • biological cleaning.

The quality requirement of VDI guidline 3477 is the foundation of our biofilter plants.

Building desings

Biofilter container

  • Humidification stage and biological stage combined in the container
  • Technical room and humidification stage with several container modules
  • Biofilter container with or without roof ( if necessary leading the clean air about chimney)

Biofilter in rotunda manner

Very small biofilter (up to 300 m³/h) in rotunda manner

Very small biofilter for Deodorization of small exhaust volumes (up to 300 m³/h) in rotunda manner

  • Small Biofilter units without separate conditioning stage

Surface filter

Surface filter for 50.000 m³/h exhaust air

Surface filter for 50.000 m3/h exhaust air

  • Technical room and humidification with surface filter (material PE)
  • Humidification as Countercurrent launderer from high-grade steel or PE
  • Surface filter with or without roof and chimney


In reason of the corrosive effect of the pollutants they have to be cleaned, the following materials

  • Polypropylen (PP)
  • Polyethylen (PE)
  • Plastic (FRP) reinforced by glas-fiber
  • Coated by steel
  • and high-grade steel are used.


Some applications are:

  • Local and/or industrial plants
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Agriculture
  • Leather industry
  • Biogasanlagen
  • Paper industry.
Inside view of a technical room of a biofilter

Inside view of a technical room of a biofilter