Hydrogen sulphide is available in all kind of different types of gas and exhaust air flows, just like biogas, sewer gas and dump gas. The corrosive and harmful to environment properties of hydrogen sulphide are reasons to remove him out of gas-flows

The biological procedure by TS is especially suitable for remove hydrogen sulphide in reason of:

- Effective - Selective for H2S - Low operating costs - Low maintenance expenses - Completly automatized - Every plant is designed for a specific case of need - Transforming the hydrogen suphide in non-polluting products (fertilizer).

The Quality requirement of VDI guideline 3478 is the foundation for our desulphurization plants.


- Polypropylen (PP) - Plastic reinforced by glas fiber (FRP)

Building designs

- Biotricklebedreactor from polypropylen (flat bottom with technical container) - Biotricklebedreactor from GFK (flat bottom with technical container) - Biotrickelbedreactor from GFK (Stage frame as technical room)


Some applications are:

- Local and/or industrial sewage plant - Chemical industrie - Paper industrie - Dumps - Food industrie - Agriculture - Biogas plants